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China, 2010

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China, 2010

Boston at Night, 2010

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Boston at Night, 2010

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Australia/New Zealand 2012


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Buenos Aires

Jennifer Che - Life

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Jennifer Che - Life

Boston Found

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Boston Found

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Does A Menstrual Cup Hurt?(non-registered)
No, if you use it appropriately, it won't hurt you. You'll quickly forget you're wearing a cup once you get used to it! Since the material of the menstrual cup is medical-grade silicone, it helps with comfort levels. It creates a seal with the cervix walls once inserted inside, helping you maintain a good posture while going through your menstrual cycle. GynoCup menstrual cups are made with the best in quality silicone available to manufacture, providing comfort and durability time and time again.

When you initially put the Gynocup in, you fold it to get it through your vaginal entrance. Some folds are better for some women than others, and finding the ideal fold might take a long time. Even with softer cups, I find that the punch-down fold opens the easiest. Something is pushing into your vaginal wall if your menstrual cup is partially folded and twisted at an odd angle.

We asked our users, this is the most relevant answer to,”Does a menstrual cup hurt?”.
“No, if correctly inserted, it will not cause any discomfort. However, if you are trying it for the first time, you may experience some discomfort down below, but you will gradually grow used to it. Try inserting a cup while you aren't on your period; it will help you get used to it.”

How does a menstrual cup work?

Silicone or latex rubber is used to make the tiny, flexible menstrual Gynocup. It captures and gathers your flow rather than absorbing it like a tampon or pad, which makes a menstrual cup much more reliable as the wetness is not allowed to create any chances of rash or discomfort. While using a menstrual cup, you can be very sure of the seal it creates with cervix walls.

Just before inserting, fold the menstrual cup tightly and then insert it like a tampon without an applicator. You won't feel it if it's done correctly. Understanding that it would be a learning curve with a menstrual cup, in the beginning, should be the approach of someone who is shifting from other sanitary care products.

Will the menstrual cup go inside?

If the stem is difficult to locate, the menstrual cup may become momentarily stuck in your vagina. The Gynocup menstrual cup, however, cannot travel through your cervix and into your uterus, thus it can never actually get lost within you. Knowing that a menstrual cup may be worn for up to 12 hours is also beneficial.

Squatting while removing your menstrual cup increases the pressure on the vaginal wall, cervix, which aids in the removal of the Gynocup. Give menstrual cups additional time to fill with blood when that doesn't workout. This will make it heavier, allowing you to reach it farther down the vagina.

Will a menstrual cup stretch me out?

The vaginal walls are squeezed against each other when the vagina is relaxed and empty. When you put something in there, like a menstrual cup, the walls flex and shift to make room. Insert your finger inside your vaginal canal and press it on the vaginal walls. You'll notice how soft and wet they are, as well as how simple it is to accommodate a menstrual cup because of the flexibility.

The vagina will revert to its compacted condition once you remove your finger. As a result, a menstrual cup will not be able to extend the vaginal muscle tissue.
So, it is highly unlikely that it would cause damage to you, but we recommend buying according to your size.

Gynocup menstrual cups come in three sizes according to a woman's lifestyle and age choices. You can use a big one if you have heavy flow as that would help you store more.

Will the menstrual cup overflow?

A menstrual cup is something that relies on the concept of sticking to the walls of the cervix, so it is unlikely that it would overflow. Yea, it is recommended to not exceed the hours of use so that the storage of the menstrual isn’t taken to extreme measures. You can hold on to a Gynocup menstrual cup for years as they are cost-efficient and durable for very long stretches of time.

If you are still uncomfortable with the idea that a menstrual cup might overflow, then you should try it once when you can. You will realize that it won't hinder your freedom and will support you immensely to create an identity of yourself.

In the end.
As the customer base of this product has been very positive with the qualities a menstrual cup possesses, it helps our environment, is very cheap for a single woman, reusability, etc. We at Mild Cares, create products keeping our audience in mind, you will have a variety of products to choose from, suit yourself.
Top flight academy in canada(non-registered)
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